Recap: Women's Health Finance 101

What a great event! Recording, slides, to-do's and upcoming events

Thanks for registering for the In Women’s Health Finance 101 webinar today.

We had over 60+ people join us to dig into finance in women’s health and why it matters — and what a company’s financial context means to your job search - especially to those looking to accelerate their career in women’s health.

Apologies for the sound issues and not hearing some of your questions. If you have questions we didn’t get to please reply to this note and I’ll get you answers.

We packed a lot in — and here’s what we’ve heard in just the last 6 hours since the call:

  • “Awesome presentation. Very insightful! Thanks Jodi”

  • “What an incredible session! The presentation was dense with valuable information. I'm looking forward to joining the Slack community and reviewing the deck!”

  • “Excellent content, thanks so much for putting this together. I'm looking forward to reviewing the deck as there was a lot of content packed into the hour.”

Following up with a few resources:

Joining In Women’s Health + The referenced Slack Community:

Upcoming In Women’s Health Events:

More events on our IWH Calendar here.

Thanks so much for coming and for spending part of your day with us. Honored and grateful for your presence.

I’d love to hear your feedback in a quick reply to this note. Please share anything on your mind about the session or upcoming sessions you’d like to see.

Looking forward to seeing you at another IWH event soon!


Jodi + the In Women’s Health team