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Women's Health PAC - Join us in DC + The Business of Women's Health and jobs from Pomelo, Ro, Parsley Health, Thirty Madison and more!

Hi everyone.

It’s been an intense three weeks (see more below). I’ve missed you — and glad to be back to our regular, weekly cadence.

Welcome to our 181 new subscribers over the last three weeks.

Given the three week break, I’ve only included jobs below from the last 10 days. There are more women’s health jobs out there, but given what we are seeing in the market with hundreds of applications in the first few days, I wanted to include those jobs that are most likely to still be early in their search.

I look forward to helping all of you connect, learn and grow your careers in women’s health — and seeing you at an event or on Slack soon.

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Money Talks. It’s Not a Moment, it’s a Movement. We are creating a Mandate.

I’m taking a break from the actionable career insights we provide here each week to talk about another type of action. Political Influence.

I’ve been angry for years about the state of women’s health — and I’ve tried a lot to fix it. I started companies, funded companies, advised companies and I feel like we continue to slip backward.

Then I realized, in order to win at the game, we have to play the game.

We don’t often directly say this, but we know it.

In Washington, and at many other levels of government, money and influence are intimately related.

For years, women’s health hasn’t had enough money. Enough money to fund companies, enough money to do research, enough money to influence political elections and issues.

Or enough money to have a seat at the table.

Now, we are changing that.

Last week, a collective of women’s health industry leaders including my Co-Founders, Liz Powell and Candace McDonald, are proud to announce the formation of the bipartisan Women's Health PAC.

A PAC is a political action committee which provides financial support to issues and candidates in support of both their work and election cycles. It’s one of the most powerful ways influence moves in Washington.

Why a PAC? Because it is the fastest way to gain financial and political influence for women’s health.

It’s bipartisan because we have enough division in this country — and women’s health is a shared experience across the aisle. Republican and Democratic women have a shared experience around menstruation, birth, menopause and more. While we might have different ideas on how to solve some issues in women’s health, we see an opportunity for women’s health to be that common, shared experience that can bring us back to the table together.

The Women's Health PAC demonstrates the collective financial and bipartisan political power of women to stand up for their own holistic health.

We see a world in which women’s health is a core political issue and every decision made in Washington is made with women’s holistic health in mind.

We will:
💰 Raise capital
📣 Run key marketing campaigns
🏛️ Raise awareness with legislators
🍽️ Hold events
🙌 Advocate for funding
🇺🇸 Support bipartisan candidates

In order to ultimately improve women’s holistic health, and therefore their lives.

For me, it’s bigger. It’s about leaving a better world behind for my daughter Kellen and raising my son Kieran to understand that women’s health is not an afterthought.  It's about uniting a divided country around an issue that impacts everyone.

We are kicking off with a launch event next week in DC on May 21st at 6pm near the White House with key industry and congressional leaders.

Can’t make it to Washington but want to stay involved?

Join our email list here

Come learn how you can join our movement to put dollars behind our women’s health priorities in Washington.

LAST CHANCE: The Business of Women’s Health 

On Monday, we had 50+ people attend our first FREE preview session - a 60-minute webinar on The Business of Women’s Health.

We covered:

  • A Women’s Health Overview  - The Landscape and Ecosystem 

  • How money flows - Providers + Payers + Revenue Cycle

  • The Role and Flow of Data: EHR’s

  • Pharmacies, PBM, Brokers 

  • Strategy & Business Models 

  • Healthcare as a Product 

  • Nuances of Marketing in Women’s Health 

  • The Role of Government

And we talked about how each of these works specifically in women’s health.

We have two more sessions - TODAY at 3:30 EST and Tuesday May 21st at 11am EST. Register below to join us!

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the scope of business of women’s health and all the key players 

  • An idea of your gaps and where you need to learn more 

  • A refresh of your healthcare lingo

We will also provide more details about the In Women’s Health Mini MBA course to start in June and a special 30% off discount code for those who attend the webinar. There will only be 50 spots in this first cohort.

TODAY - MAY 16, 3:30 PM

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🗒️ Are You A Freelance Writer or Content Strategist Looking to Get Experience in Women’s Health?

We are looking for writers to help us on a few new exciting projects.

You’ll have the opportunity to interview both current employees at leading women’s health companies and talent teams — building your network while you do what you love.

Email Jodi at [email protected] with a note and a writing sample.

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HELP! Connections Needed

Our In Women’s Health Community members are looking for connections at the following companies. Please reach out to me directly if you have a connection and would be willing to make an intro.

  • Mae

  • We Testify

  • Seven Starling

  • The Guttmacher Institute 

  • Willow

  • Midi

  • Navigate

  • Aavia

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