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We got some great questions this week:

  • What are the components of a good resume executive summary, especially for those of us with no healthcare experience? (can there be narrative about why you are passionate about the space?)

Impact. Impact. Impact. Your resume executive summary is the “profile picture” for your online dating profile. It’s the thing that keeps people reading. What are the 3-5 most compelling things (related to the role) that you’ve done in your career? This is what you should list here. This is what you want to highlight in your resume executive summary. It’s valuable real-estate, and your passion can be mentioned, but remember that most people who are applying for roles in women’s health right now are passionate — so that alone isn’t going to make you stand out.

  • Do you adapt your executive summary to different postings or should that remain static?

Yes, it’s recommended to adapt the executive summary to include a few of the keywords from the job posting. You may also want to mention the exact job title in the Executive summary somewhere so that your resume appears when searched in the ATS (applicant tracking system).

  • Do you re-email/reach out when you haven't heard back from a company after applying?

Yes, a 3x follow up is ok. Once to thank the recruiter, once to check in on the timing, once to follow up on the process and maybe once to provide an update on your process (if applicable). We talked through this more in Office Hours so check out the recording on our Slack channel if you’d like to learn more.

  • If there is a posting open at a company that fits you, what process should we follow? (e.g. apply then reach out, reach out before applying, does it matter who we reach out to?

Always get your application in the ATS as soon as possible because companies sometimes stop reviewing resumes based on timestamp if they get an overwhelming response. Then reach out to anyone who you know and/or are connected to on LinkedIn to ask for more info, to be connected to the company and to see if they would be willing to do an internal referral for you.

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  • GoodRX

  • Owlet

  • Dame

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