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Non-profit careers, 3 new events, jobs from Allara, Parsley Health, ARPA-H, Diana Health, Fridababy and more!

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Let’s get to building your career in women’s health.

Such an exciting week to be in women’s health!

Lots of funding announcements, and the Executive Order from the White House in the US is further proof that 2024 truly is a pivotal year for improving the lives of women.

10 Considerations for A Women’s Health Career in Non-Profit

(good advice for profit too!)

This week Amy Merill from Plan C joined us to share her experience with working in both for-profit and non-profit settings, as well as her journey Co-Founding Plan C. Plan C is an information resource for self-managed, at-home abortion with pills.

She left us with some important takeaways:

Amy’s Top 10 Takeaways: 

1. An advanced degree can help with cred, but the most valuable learnings will happen on the job

2. Consider taking a lower level role (if you can afford it) and learn on the job - plus see if there are problems you can offer to solve for the organization that no one else is working on, or working on well. 

3. Consider applying to volunteer in your dream org, or one like it. I’ve hired many volunteers into PT roles as they proved themselves to be capable and committed. Same as above, these volunteers started to solve problems I didn’t even know we had: eventually I couldn’t afford to let them walk away. 

4. Clearly map how your for-profit experience applies to the nonprofit work at hand: you might not expect how relevant an experience actually is. The reproductive health & access space needs innovators, business and creative problem solvers just as much as it needs providers and public health experts. 

5. Pursue something that you believe deeply in — it’s the only way for work to feel in alignment and find flow with it. Think about what the world actually needs (not what we’re told or sold) and how you might be able to apply yourself to that need. 

My friends Miki & Radha Agrawal (founders of Thinx period underwear, Daybreaker, Tushy and other ventures) used to assess ideas like this:

  1. what sucks for me in the world?

  2. does it suck for many other people?

  3. could I work on this problem for 10 years? if the answer was yes, they seriously explored the new business idea. 

6. Think about your relationship to stability. To this point, only start a new venture if you’re ready to really give yourself over to it. You can find tons of blogs written on this, but being an entrepreneur or founder or working at a non-profit is rarely as sexy as it initially looks. Everything has tradeoffs, and startups or small nonprofits might have a more exciting mission and/but larger companies can offer stability that startups can’t. 

7. Learn from others. Ask for coffee chats or informational interviews, get curious, do online research then  see if you can talk to people who are the experts in the non-profit’s topic. You don’t have to be a subject-matter expert, you can bring functional expertise instead.

8. Vet the organization as deeply and fully as you can: in my experience the nonprofit sector tends to have a lot of internal chaos (as can the for-profit / startup sector of course, but in a perhaps different way becuase of the charitable business model and the passion people bring for the cause). Know what kinds of challenges and opportunities you are walking into, if you can. 

9. Examine your relationship to the way capitalism prioritizes growth via invented wants/needs and devalues solving our most pressing problems, slowing down and taking care of our bodies and families. Nonprofits were started to solve gaps in the social system, and they operate under very different incentive models than even social enterprises or b-corps (attempting to be good for people/planet and make a profit). As you consider which lane you want to be in, it’s worth taking a birds eye view on how all of this is working (or sometimes not) within white-dominant patriarchal capitalist frameworks. Or at least I’ve learned a lot from this. 

10. Be compassionate. This is more of a general life takeaway, but I resonate with this reminder (sometimes credited to Plato): Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Amy also shared a A Post-Roe Non-Profit Resource List of other reproductive non-profits for consideration if you are interested in working in the non-profit arena within women’s health.

Stay tuned for more non-profit content and resources coming at the request of the In Women’s Health community.

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  • The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), a newly established federal R&D funding agency with the mission of accelerating better health outcomes for everyone, is actively recruiting highly motivated Program Managers from diverse backgrounds and with broad perspectives.

  • ARPA-H is deploying the $100M in funding directed to women’s health by the White House Council on Women’s Health led by First Lady Jill Biden. They are looking for people of all backgrounds to bring big, “What if we could….” problems to solve in women’s health over the next 3-5 years with $100M-$150M in funding.

  • Prospective PM’s may apply through the ARPA-H website by submitting a cover letter, CV, and idea or concept that addresses the ARPA-(H)eilmeier Questions. If you have a bold, ambitious idea and feel you would be a good fit for this role, please visit the ARPA-H website to learn more about this opportunity.  

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  • CFO, Diana Health. True Search handling search.

  • CMO, Magnoila (Chip & Joanna Gaines Brand). True Search handling search.

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