🔥 Jobs In Women's Health | March 15, 2024

Co-Founders needed, new events, jobs from Pomelo, ByHeart, Plume, Cradelwise, Stork Club and More

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Talent Talk Highlights: Pomelo Care

On Monday, In Women’s Health hosted a Member’s Only Talent Talk with IWH member Nicole Laurendeau and Krishma Bawa from Pomelo Care.

These exclusive, members-only events provide an opportunity to talk directly with hiring managers and talent acquisition teams at some of the leading women’s health brands.

Talent execs also often share tactical insider information on how to get your resume to the top of the pile at their company in particular.

A few highlights:

  1. Time Matters: In this market, speed and network win. Get your application in immediately. Krishma shared with us that she opened a job on a Friday afternoon and by Monday she had almost 1,000 applications in the first 48 hours. They do try to get through a quick review of all of them, but when your application goes in the queue matters.


  2. Cover Letters Less So: In this market, cover letters matter less. This is very company specific, and even role specific, but they definitely don’t have the sway they used to. It’s ok to spend less time on them.


  3. Job Descriptions Are Precise: Brands are sticking to them pretty closely. Pomelo is very intentional with how they write job descriptions. Because the market is so tight, they really are following those job description specs pretty closely so if the job description says you need 5 years of experience in healthcare, you really do. That’s included for a reason — and right now, it’s a sellers market.


  4. Know What You’re Looking For: Make sure you have a solid answer to the question - What are you looking for in this role? A clear, concise, confident answer stands out and helps recruiters know you are both passionate about the company, aligned with the mission and the role is a good fit for your expectations.

Krishma and Nicole shared many more insights with our IWH private community. If you’re looking to get insider access at our April Talent Talk event, consider joining the private In Women’s Health professional community. 20% off your first month using the code IWH20.


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HELP! Connections Needed

Our In Women’s Health Community members are looking for connections at the following companies. Please reach out to me directly if you have a connection and would be willing to make an intro.

  • Ro

  • Stork Club

  • Unified Women’s Healthcare

  • Hey Jane


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Now to the good stuff…

🌎 International Roles

🏫 Internships

  • Intern - Research, CCRM Fertility (Fertility, Private Equity), Lone Tree, CO, $24 - $25/hr.

🧱 Founders/Co-Founders 

  • Fertility Startup looking for a co-founder (CPO) with a strong background in InsurTech / FinTech  The mission: Granting easy & affordable access to egg freezing & IVF 💉 Reach out to Anne Hartmann to learn more.

  • I'm looking for a CTO & Chief Medical Officer to join the founding team of Neuemoon Health to build digital health solutions for women with uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Looking for people who are:
    • BIPOC (ideally non-Asian for diversity reasons)
    • Have personal experience with either or both conditions
    • Experienced in building healthcare startups
    • Passionate about serving underserved populations, particularly women of color
    • Believe in preserving the human aspect of medicine alongside AI/tech
    • Empathetic to patients and firmly believing in revenue opportunities beyond charging patient
    • Ideally OB/GYNs specialized in fibroids or endometriosis for the role of Chief Medical Officer, and who are advocates for a multi-modal approach instead of surgical interventions only
    • Ideally reside in NYC

    Some accomplishments of Neuemoon so far:
    • Launched a provider's directory on the web, helping women find fibroids and endometriosis experts
    • Won the Mount Sinai Health System Diversity Innovation Hub pitch competition
    • Completed NSF's New York I-Corps Hub program and interviewed over 60 patients and providers
    • Part of Queens Tech Council's incubator, Techstars Catalyst, and NYU Catalyst NYC program

    Equity-only compensation is offered at this stage.

    Please help share with your network. If you or you know someone interested, please email me at [email protected].

 Freelance/Contract/Fractional Roles

  • Interim, PR Director, Lovevery (Parenthood, Series C), United States.

  • Do you have deep relationships at payers? I’m looking for someone who could help with discovery calls for a clinical decision support tool for fertility screening. There is a company in the market who is looking at their GTM strategy and needs some fractional support for a few months to finalize the opportunities within the payer market ahead of a Series B raise. Respond to this email to learn more.

  • Ally Tam Tumasova is looking for a researcher who is passionate about women's health (especially the underserved community of women navigating midlife) and eager to work in a translational research role (applying research and science insights to product development). This individual will lead research dissemination from end-to-end, communicating insights from research studies, data analysis, and applied behavioral science insights to cross-functional stakeholders (CEO, Product, Medical Advisory Board) and directly to our community.

    We're not optimizing for years of experience but rather hunger and passion for this work, and so far have had great success with folks who are looking to move out of Academia from a PhD program into Industry/Startup/Digital Health.

💻 Product/Engineering/Data & Analytics/IT/Scientist & Design

🔧 Business (Ops/Strategy/Legal/Quality/Regulatory & HR)

 🎩 Senior & C-Level Roles

💥 Marketing/Growth/Sales

🫂 Customer Success & Care Coordination

✍️ Policy & Non-Profit

Reprojobs.org is a great source. We are BIG FANS!

👥 Board Roles

Didn’t see any this week that fit but send any along that you see!

🏥 Clinical Roles & In-Clinic Business Roles