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Intro Emails + Meet the Pomelo Care Talent Team and Plan C Co-Founder + Jobs from Lovevery, HerMD, Athelo Health, Bobbie, Evvy and more

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What are your questions about getting into the industry?

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I had a great coffee with someone today. They asked me to write a short email they could send to someone to make an intro for a role. Any advice on how to do that?

These days, with companies getting thousands of applications for women’s health roles, getting a warm intro or referral into the HR team is a great way to give yourself the best shot.

Here’s how this works. We meet or know each other somehow. You mention. you are looking for a new role at a company where I know someone. I offer to make an intro (or you ask!). Because I’m crazy busy (like most people are) I ask you to send me a “forward-able email” that I can use to make the intro. You might panic - what am I supposed to say?

Here’s how this is going to work. You’re going to send the person who offered to make the intro an email. They are going to forward it directly to their contact, with 1-2 sentences of context. It’s usually something like “I worked with XX at YY and she was amazing. Definitely worth a look” or “XX is a member of our In Women’s Health community. She has great experience in XX and has been extremely involved in a number of our events/community. She’s definitely worth a look”.

Ideally, then the person will make an intro with you in copy, forward you their note or BCC you on the intro email so that you know the intro has been made. That’s a great time to follow up with them and say thank you. Let them know you’ll keep them posted on the result.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your note MUST be short and in bullet point format

    • The person getting the forwarded email is taking time out of their day to read your email and forward it along to the right person. Make it easy for them to scan so they can forward with the right context.

  2. You are borrowing brand equity

    • The person making the intro for you is extending you their own brand equity. Remember that your forwardable email is a reflection of them.


  3. You have 30 seconds max

    • Your email should easily fit on one mobile screen. Type it out and send it to yourself or screen shot it on your phone. Anything longer than one screen is too much.


  4. Use lots of spacing and bullet points

    • This makes it easier to scan and read quickly on the go. This increases the chances that action will be taken.


  5. Your bullet points should make me (and others) go WOW!  

    • These should be your three strongest accomplishments. Ideally they include numbers that demonstrate impact. See template below.

  6. Don’t forget to follow up

    • 95% of the people don’t keep the person making the intro posted about what happened as a result of the intro. We see that in fundraising too. You will stand out well beyond the crowd if you follow up with that person who made the intro and let them know the result (you got an interview, got the job etc). It closes the loop and provides that little hit of dopamine that fuels future intros for others.

At IWH, we’re all about actionable help. So here’s a template.


Thanks for sharing the XXX role at XXXX company and for passing along my resume to YYYY. (Or another type of intro based on the context)

For a bit of context, over the past X years, I have worked at X, Y, and Z where I have:

  • 1 (Ex: Raised $100M) - Ideally a financial or operational metric. ONE short phrase/sentence.

  • 2 (Ex: Worked with 5 major payers including X.Y,Z to do A....) - something related to the role/function. ONE short phrase/sentence.

  • 3 (Ex: Led a team of 20 to do X) - something related to leadership/management if applicable. ONE short phrase/sentence.

(Your bullet points should be directly related to the job description and show how you fit the major criteria.  They ideally are also your three strongest bullet points on your resume).

My resume is attached for additional context. Looking forward to the opportunity to share more with the team.




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HELP! Connections Needed

Our In Women’s Health Community members are looking for connections at the following companies. Please reach out to me directly if you have a connection and would be willing to make an intro.

  • Spring Health

  • Pair Team

  • Someone who has negotiated rates with payers for OBGYN clinics


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Now to the good stuff…

🌎 International Roles

🏫 Internships

🧱 Founders/Co-Founders

  • Do you have deep relationships at payors? I’m looking for someone who could help with discovery calls for a clinical decision support tool for fertility screening. There is a company in the market who is looking at their GTM strategy and needs some fractional support for a few months to finalize the opportunities within the payor market ahead of a Series B raise.

 Freelance/Contract/Fractional Roles

💻 Product/Engineering/Data & Analytics/IT/Scientist & Design

🔧 Business (Ops/Strategy/Legal/Quality/Regulatory & HR)

 🎩 Senior & C-Level Roles
  • General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Equip Health (Speciality Care, Series B), Remote · United States.

  • COO, Leading women’s health company in menstrual care. Must have scaled a CPG business from $20M to $200M+.

💥 Marketing/Growth/Sales

🫂 Customer Success & Care Coordination

✍️ Policy & Non-Profit

Reprojobs.org is a great source. We are BIG FANS!

👥 Board Roles

Didn’t see any this week that fit but send any along that you see!

🏥 Clinical Roles & In-Clinic Business Roles