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Getting a job with no healthcare experience + roles from Midi, Mira, Herself Health, Pomelo and more!

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What’s your best advice for breaking into women's health careers without a healthcare background?

The tough reality is that right now there is no shortage of passionate talent who want to get into women’s health. But in this market, passion is not enough.

With 5,000 applications per role (no, that’s not an exaggeration) you have to be exceptional in at least one of the following categories to get your resume to the top of the pile:

  1. Functional expertise: Did you build an industry-leading product? Design a media campaign that got national attention? Secure a patent on game-changing research? Get published in a key journal? Grow a social media account to 100K+? Even if these things weren’t in women’s health, they demonstrate mastery and functional leadership. Lean hard into them or start working towards mastery in your function (marketing/sales/product/engineering etc).

  1. Industry expertise: Can you become one of the “go-to” people for something in women’s health? For either knowledge on a topic (hormonal health etc) or a business operations function (reimbursement negotiation for OBGYN’s, content strategy etc). Those of us who have been in the industry for awhile all trade recommendations on the “go-to” people. Pick your niche. Double down on a specific way you can make a key impact for a women’s health organization — then make sure people know about it by regularly writing content about it on social channels and tagging key industry leaders.


  2. Soft skills: Are you known for developing your people? Are you a master at building relationships? Are you a hustler? Are you a problem-solver and always solutions focused? Are you data-driven? How can you showcase your strong soft skills in a way that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice? This starts with a deep-level of self-awareness. Start with our self-leadership partner, Thrivin’s StrengthsMultiplier assessment. It only takes 15 minutes to get a personalized, in-depth report on your strengths & weaknesses but also the conditions for success needed for those to appear a majority of the time and what triggers your strengths into weakness. This assessment is free to In Women’s Health members (a $49 value).

  1. Network: The best way to get a look today is to get an internal referral. In order to do that, you need to know and have contacts at all of the organizations you are targeting. Check out our recent webinar on How to Build your Network in Women’s Health to learn more and to grab actionable templates to use in your conversations. (password is 8uFg.Z8=)

  2. Brands: In a market like this, unfortunately the brands on your resume matter. A track record of working at marquee brands (in and out of women’s health) and VC-backed high-growth companies will usually get you at least a quick look by a hiring manager. If you’re early in your career, think about how the brands on your resume stack together and if there are any gaps. (Note- these don’t all have to be women’s health — could be McKinsey, Goldman, Uber, Airbnb, Google, Meta etc).

Then - for each one listed above, you need to be a masterful storyteller. How do you tell your story on your resume? Your LinkedIn profile? The screening interview? The later interview stages? More to come on this.

But, in order to tell your story - you have to know it. Check out our upcoming personal brand workshop below.

In Women’s Health will be exploring each of these in-depth over the course of the next quarter so stay tuned to this newsletter and our social channels to learn more.

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  • What: Two-week bootcamp featuring pre-work, two live 2-hour group sessions and virtual feedback from our expert guide

  • Who: This is designed specifically to support mid-career executives in the job search and career pivot 

  • Why: Get custom and hands-on support as you explore, articulate, and promote your unique personal brand 

  • Value: You will leave these two sessions with a vetted brand strategy, narrative, and personalized action plan

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  • Spring Health

  • Someone who has negotiated rates with payers for OBGYN clinics


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