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Good News - Free Jobs are Back!

Startups are a series of experiments. Of small failures, quick learnings and fast adaptations. The last few weeks we’ve trialed a premium newsletter feature - we learned a lot. But most important, we learned it was too limiting to those that need it most.

So, free job postings are back!

But our newsletter is getting too long with all of the job postings available so I’m going to highlight a few interesting roles in each category. The rest of the postings will be available on our job board which is accessible to premium In Women’s Health members.

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Update: PART 1 - Newsletters are Moving to Tuesdays 

We have so much to share this week so this is Part 1 of the newsletter. I will share part 2 on Tuesday.

Part 2 on Tuesday will include:

  • More jobs

  • VIVE Women’s Health Events

  • Recaps of In Women’s Health Events this week

  • Recap of Reproductive Health Innovation Summit

  • New IWH Events scheduled in the next 2 weeks

After this week, newsletters will move to every Tuesday.


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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 EVENTS

Using Your StrengthsMultiplier with Deanna Murphy

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NEW! Answering Your Questions

Have you been ghosted by a women’s health company? What’s the best way to build relationships with women’s health founders? What would you love to know about getting a job in women’s health?

Each week I’ll answer some a few of your questions about getting a job or managing your career in women’s health in this section.

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Question this week from Julia Sweitzer:

“For recent MBA graduates who were using the MBA to change industries (aka don't have direct healthcare experience), how do you recommend they approach roles that fit skills-wise but ask for deep healthcare experience/connections?

Right now the job market is so competitive. Getting that healthcare experience is critical — even if it’s as a freelance consultant, intern or fellow. Companies are getting so many job applications of qualified candidates, that those that don’t have healthcare experience are falling down the pile.

The best way to get around this is may be a tough-to-hear answer and consists of 2 to-do’s.

  1. Build your network - without healthcare experience you are going to need to find a way to get your resume to the top. An internal referral is the best way to do this and employees are often compensated for successful referrals so it can be a win-win situation. Don’t be shy about appropriately asking for a referral from an alum from your MBA or undergrad program.


  2. Get experience - As MBA students, reach out to startups and ask about MBA internships or offer to work on a project for experience and in exchange for intros and contacts in the industry. Having “MBA Intern” or “MBA Fellow” on your resume for a women’s health company will help you stand out.


HELP! Connections Needed

Our In Women’s Health Community members are looking for connections at the following companies. Please reach out to me directly if you have a connection and would be willing to make an intro.

  • Spring Health

  • TrueRX

  • Headway

  • Tia

  • Oula

  • Midi

  • Herself Health


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Reprojobs.org is a great source. We are BIG FANS!

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