🔥 Jobs In Women's Health | April 20, 2024

Your 10-Step Plan to Break Into Women's Health plus jobs from Bobbie, Midi, Parsley, Hims & Hers and more!

Hi everyone.

Welcome to our 274 new subscribers this week - and a special welcome to those who joined us for the “Breaking into Femtech” webinar with Femtech Insider this week.

I look forward to helping all of you connect, learn and grow your careers in women’s health — and seeing you at an event or on Slack soon.

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10 Steps to Break Into Women’s Health

This week we hosted our first joint webinar with Kathrin Folkendt at FemTech Insider. We had over 100+ people join us for the event, which many have already said was the best webinar they have been to on launching their career in women’s health.

You can see the recording of the webinar here and the slides here.

Kathrin led an industry overview and then Jodi walked through 10 Steps to Break Into Women’s Health:

  1. Learn the Industry + Get Experience 

    • Understand how healthcare works in your market, how care is delivered, what’s the role of government in healthcare, how money flows, healthcare trends, healthcare technology platforms (EHR’s etc) and the nuance of how all of that applies to women’s health.

  2. Identify Your Skills, Passions & Needs (and what may be missing)

    • Look inward and spend time getting to know more about yourself. What do you do naturally on a Saturday morning? If money wasn’t an issue, what would you spend your time doing? What are your key functional and leadership skills? Passions? What may be missing and how can you fill that gap? What do you need in an environment and role for you to be able to work in your zone of genius? Lots of resources here — stay tuned to In Women’s Health for more.

  3. Set a Vision 

    • Have a clear vision for where you want to be in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years from a personal, professional, financial and spiritual place — and understand how women’s health fits into that. Check the webinar recording for a great exercise for this.

  4. Build Your Target List, Process & Plan

    • Evaluate your current network, where you want to go and work backwards to build a plan and system to get there. Who do you need to meet? What’s your plan to save time for networking and applying for jobs in your calendar? What’s your daily process to move towards your career goals in women’s health? We can help you map this all out.

  5. Build Your Network and Connections 

    • Use networking events, conferences, communities and in-person meet-ups to build your network in 15-minutes per day. See this webinar from Maggie Ruvoldt and Jodi Neuhauser on Building Your Network in Women’s Health. Join us next week for Building Your Network While Using Conferences. (Free for In Women’s Health Members)

  6. Sell Yourself 

    • Have resume and LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed. A lot of roles in women’s health are not posted, so building your personal brand and being able to communicate it effectively in networking opportunities, with recruiters, hiring managers is key. You need the following:

      • A resume per job type you are applying for

      • A solid LinkedIn profile

      • Your 15-30 second pitch

      • Your 3 minute story (“Tell me a little bit about you”)

      • Your cover letter

      • Your 2-3 bullet points for a forward-able email

  7. Prepare for Interviews 

    • You’ll have screening interviews where how you tell your story and share your impact will matter. Then move on to more functional-based conversations with hiring managers, and perhaps a cultural-fit check with the CEO. Research the company, read their annual report (if they are public) and talk to others who have interviewed there (join a women’s health community to find these people!). If you’re interviewing for a Director or Executive role, you may have to do a case study. We encourage companies to have these be paid, but unfortunately we are hearing of lots that are not.

  8. Excel in Your First 90 Days

    • How you excel in your first 90 days starts with the questions you ask in your interviews. Once you secure the job, start working on your 90-day plan. With your strong self-awareness, write your user guide to share with your new team and manager. (We can help you with all of this!)

  9. Stay Connected

    • The best time to get a job is when you don’t have a job. Continual networking is key in women’s health, so it’s important to continue to build your network in your new role both for partnerships, success in your current role and what’s next for you. Build a plan to continue to network in 15-minutes per day, attend conferences and connect with others. We’ll share a template!


  10. Develop Others and Yourself to Accelerate Your Career

    • Pay it forward. Women’s health is a very small and closely connected industry. Once you get a job in women’s health, paying it forward by accepting LinkedIn connections, having mentor chats and connecting others where possible.

We will go much more in-depth to these in our upcoming course “Building A 10-Step Plan for Your Career in Women’s Health”

You’ll walk away with:

  • Fully re-written resume, profile, cover letter, pitch, story and cover letter

  • A 15-page report on your strengths, weaknesses, triggers and conditions for success

  • Over 25 templates for networking requests, agendas and follow-up

  • Lists of over 100+ people to follow in Women’s Health

  • Contact information for key recruiters and hiring managers in the industry

  • List of key women’s health resources to follow and conferences to attend

  • Group interview practice and 1:1 feedback

  • 6-month membership to In Women’s Health

  • Access to the real-time In Women’s Health Job Board with 115+ companies

Spots will be limited so we can provide more 1:1 feedback. Signups will open in May.

🗒️ Are You A Freelance Writer or Content Strategist Looking to Get Experience in Women’s Health?

We are looking for writers to help us on a few new exciting projects.

You’ll have the opportunity to interview both current employees at leading women’s health companies and talent teams — building your network while you do what you love.

Email Jodi at [email protected] with a note and a writing sample.

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🇺🇸 Are you interested in getting involved in women’s health politics?

We are putting together a group that will focus on keeping holistic women’s health a key political issue, build a powerful political women’s health movement and support women’s health allies in key congressional races.

We are hosting a launch event with key women’s health insiders and congressional members in DC in May, followed by events in key markets throughout the summer.

Sign up here to be the first to get details.

** We are also looking for members of the team to help us spin up this organization. If interested in learning more about volunteer project management, marketing, events and content roles please email me at [email protected]. Volunteer at first that could turn into paid roles as the organization grows.

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💰 Are you interested in learning the business-side of Women’s Health?

Do you want to learn how the money flows between patients, payers and providers? What does a seed, Series-A or Series B company mean? What are the unique challenges marketing women’s health products? What regulatory and privacy things do you need to consider?

Join us for The Business of Women’s Health 101

In this 90-minute FREE webinar, we are going to walk through the key considerations of the business-side of women’s health.

We will only scratch the surface, but this will give you a baseline overview and some context for the key historical, product, marketing, regulatory, finance, operations and talent elements in the industry.

Walk away prepared for interviews — understanding key areas where you want to learn more, resources for each and people to follow across all elements of the business of women’s health.

We expect this to be super-popular so we are going to do three sessions during May. Sign up on our calendar below.

May 13th:

May 16th:

May 21st:

🎓 Do you want to get your Women’s Health Mini-MBA?  

I’m putting together the first cohort-based course to go in-depth on the business-side of women’s health, while learning from industry experts, and solving real-life, industry problems in June 2024.

There will only be 25 spots in this 6-week pilot cohort.

NOTE: Enrollment will open in order of when you joined the waitlist so jump in line. No commitment.


HELP! Connections Needed

Our In Women’s Health Community members are looking for connections at the following companies. Please reach out to me directly if you have a connection and would be willing to make an intro.

  • Natural Cycles

  • Unified Women’s Healthcare

  • Equip

  • Parsley Health

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Do you have international companies we should track for roles? We are US-based but globally focused. Would love to include more here - please email us a list or any suggestions at [email protected].

🏫 Internships

  • Intern - Research, CCRM Fertility (Fertility, Private Equity), Lone Tree, CO, $24 - $25/hr.

  • In Women’s Health — Yes! Us! We are looking for a number of summer interns to help with a few key research, marketing and events projects this summer. Email your resume and 2-3 bullet points about how you’re great for the role to [email protected].

    • Marketing Intern

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    • MBA Intern

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🫂 Customer Success & Care Coordination

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Didn’t see any this week that fit but send any along that you see!

🏥 Clinical Roles, Research Roles & In-Clinic Business Roles

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